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Each nuvaceuticals brand is birth from years of research by leading scientists from all over the world.


The nuvaceuticals embody the perfection of science and nature where the natural inherent properties of each nuvaceutical product is harnessed utilising the best of innovative scientific research and clinically trialled to prove its effectiveness.


These high quality natural treatments are a valuable and reliable avenue for managing the various health challenges we face today as individuals and as a community. Whether used as alternative or complementary treatments, the nuvaceuticals perfectly addresses the specific health needs of discerning, health-conscious consumers desiring to support the body to healing and good health.

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NuvaPineA is made of Bioeffective® A , a biologically effective nutritional product researches as antioxidant, anti-microbial, gastrointestinal healing and detoxification substance. 

NuvaPine R is made of Bioeffective® R, a conifer-infused olive oil containing plant polyprenols. This pharmaceutical grade of polyprenols is clinically proven to benefit degenerative and inflammatory conditions of the liver.

Nuvafemme® is an activated soy isoflavone compound with phytoestrogen, antioxidant and metabolic-regulating properties. The secret of nuvafemme® - 100% organic soy isoflavones using a double standardisation process (standardised isoflavones 40% and standardised active genistein and diadzein).

NuvaLectranal contains the active ingredient Lectranal®.
This natural product utilises a specially selected and activated extract from the plant Astragalus membranaceus complemented with a special mineral carrier technology to ensure a high level of effectiveness against sensitive nose (nasal allergies) and related conditions.

With NuvaFlexB™, all the natural goodness and benefits of the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel are now within reach of everyone. Biolane® is Active New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLME) extract backed by over 30 years of dedicated research. NuvaFlexB™ is a functional joint food which helps support joint mobility and pain.

NuvaLanconone contains Lanconone® - clinically tested to relieve joint pain quickly while supporting joint recovery at the same time. Lanconone® has been tested on actual patients and found to be safe. In addition, Lanconone® has been shown to improve joint stiffness, recovery and mobility.

NuvaPro™ contains Lactobacillus fermentum PCC®, a unique, patented, single-strain probiotic. Lactobacillus fermentum PCC® or PCC® is one of the best researched probiotics in the world. PCC®'s most outstanding feature is attributed to its ability to modulate the immune system besides regulating troubled gastrointestinal conditions.

Lactobacillus plantarum PS128® (PS128® for short) is a unique, patented, strain specific probiotics derived from fermented mustard green vegetables which delivers gut-brain health benefits.


PS128® has been extensively researched and proven to be effective and safe even amongst children.

NuvaLiQ10 is an innovative co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) formulation. It is fuelled by a novel and patented LiQSorb® technology originating from the United States. Clinical studies show that LiQSorb® type CoQ10 is 6 times better absorbed compared to conventional oil-based CoQ10 formulas (693% vs. 100%).

HydroQ10 is a clinically proven co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) formulation that is able to reach 3.5mcg/l at plasma level in 4 weeks with the dosage of 120mg daily to provide therapeutic effect. This is achievable thanks to its BioSolv technology making it hydro and lip soluble and microns molecules.

HydroQ10 + Carnitine the combination of CoQ10 and Carnitine provides better energy production and fat metabolism. Carnitine also boost the antioxidant property of CoQ10 and provides better support in anti-aging.

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