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Hormonal Balance

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About nuvafemme®

Nuvafemme® is a premium specialty women's supplement containing organic, standardised, aglycone soy isoflavones.

Aglycone isoflavones are a special group of phytomolecules found richly in hydrolysed soy. Most isoflavones are in the inactivated glucoside form as contained in soy milk. Aglycone or hydrolysed soy isoflavones are rarer, occurring in fermented foods such a miso or natto.

These special activated isoflavones work as a phytoestrogen to regulate the ups and downs of hormones in the body. In addition, aglycone isoflavones also have anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, bone building and skin beautifying benefits.


The aglycone isoflavones in nuvafemme are standardised to  the most effective isoflavones - genistein and daidzein. When daidzein is consumed, it is additionally broken down by gut bacteria to another prized isoflavone called equol. According to latest clinical studies, equol is showing many promising anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits.


With nuvafemme®, every woman now have new hope to caring for their feminine health and wellness. It is definitely an ideal product for women to feel their best in mind and body

Are you experiencing any of these?
8 Key Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Nuvafemme 8 key symptoms (Oct 2021).jpg
Nuvafemme 8 key symptoms (Oct 2021).jpg

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User Experiences


A Calmer Me

My periods were changing, I felt unfeminine, unsexy and I hated it. Worse was the draining tiredness which made me easily irritable. After being on nuvafemme®, I’ve gotten trimmer, I feel more in control and more like the “me” I use to like. Now that’s priceless!

Happy Woman

S.C. Lee, 48 years
Buying Director, Kuala Lumpur

A New Woman

I struggled with sleepless nights, excess weight, constant tiredness and unstable periods. My husband and children avoided me during my worse moods… but I couldn’t help myself.  Nuvafemme® has helped me feel better. I now nag less and everyone’s hoping this new “wife and mama” is here to stay.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Angel Ng, 44 years

Homemaker, Seremban

Smooth & Easy

I would dread having my periods each month because of the bad PMS and periods cramps. Some days, I could not even get out of bed. My mother was the one who got me on nuvafemme. I didn't think it would work but it did! Now my periods are a breeze which is a great relief.

Happy Woman

Tasha, 17 years

  • Can NuvaPine R be used for acid reflux or GERD?
    Although NuvaPine R is not identical to NuvaPine A, it is helpful for conditions of hyperacidity, acid reflux and even GERD owing to its anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerant and gastro-intestinal repair properties.
  • What can I expect after taking NuvaPine R?
    Clinical studies report patients feeling more energised, having more strength and experiencing better sleep and bowel stability after treatment with polyprenols. Not just that, liver enzyme profiles and the firosis index also improved, indicating a reparative effect of damaged, fibrotic liver cells. The study concluded that patients who underwent treatment had an overall reduction in the risk of development of liver scarring and cirrhosis.
  • How is NuvaPine R different from NuvaPine A?
    NuvaPine A is a complex extract from pine conifer green needles made up of 800 different molecules including chlorophyll complexes, phytosterols, squalene, minerals and polyprenols (up to 1.2%). It is a powerful antibacterial and gastrointestinal healing agent. NuvaPine R results from a further purification of NuvaPine A to obtain polyprenols of 90% purity. Polyprenols have superior repair benefits especially at key organs such as the kidneys and liver. It also has multiple benefits for the immune system including anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties.
  • Who should take pine polyprenols?
    Presented as an oily liquid, pine polyprenols are non-toxic, non-allergenic and are easily administrable to both adults and children. The applications of polyprenols are wide ranging from liver-kidney health to immune needs to metabolic health including to lower sugar and cholesterol levels. In general, these groups of people will have a need for pine polyprenols: - Various liver conditions (hepatitis, fatty liver) - On long-term medications (strain on liver and kidneys) - Metabolic disorders - diabetes, high cholesterol, gout - High stress (strain on multiple organs) - Exposed to toxins (smokers, alcohol intake) - Hormonal imbalances - Poor immune functions (frequently ill, allergies, autoimmmune conditions) - Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy (toxic effects on the liver)
  • Are there any documented cases of kidney health improvements after consuming NuvaPine R?
    Many patients have submitted unsolicitated accounts of their experience with NuvaPine R. This is one example of a patient with kidney degeneration after using NuvaPine R for under 2 months.
  • How will I know if my liver is not in good health?
    Most of the time, people discover that their liver is in trouble after a blood test, which shows elevated levels of AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatase – markers. Another way is through an ultrasound which may show an enlarged liver, characteristic of a fatty liver. A liver biopsy is the most accurate way of investigating the condition of the liver. However, a biopsy is rarely performed except in exceptional cases as this procedure itself also carries certain health risks.
  • How do polyprenols help with disorders related to hormones?
    Hormones are secreted by various glands in the body. These glands are in turn controlled by the pituitary gland, a master gland situated at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland is highly active and dependent on dolichols for its optimal function to enable right hormonal cell-signaling processes. Polyprenols hence aid to restore the balance of various hormones.
  • Where can I get NuvaPine R?
    NuvaPine® R is available at selected independent pharmacies nationwide. It is also available online through the following links. Shopee: Lazada: Should you require further details, please contact
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