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NuvaPine A Patented Technology

Technology Overview

The patented technology used to produce Bioeffective® A involves the extraction of “live elements” of conifer green trees in a way that both preserves and amplifies their biological activity. The process can be tuned to obtain specific fractions or combinations of the underlying biologically active compounds from Northern hemisphere conifer species which represent a particularly rich source.

The schematic illustrates the extraction hierarchy associated with the process used to obtain Bioeffective® A and 10 other Bioeffective®, all registered trademark products of Solagran Ltd.


Active Ingredient


Bioeffective® A is the first and original isolate of conifer green needles. Bioeffective® A is a natural, unique complex that contains approximately 800 different, biologically active compounds. These are present in proportions determined by nature, not man. The active ingredients present in Bioeffective® A have also been found to be similar to compounds found in humans. Therefore it is not only very safe to consume but also readily absorbed and utilized by the body.

The complexity of these materials is illustrated by the composition of Bioeffective® A.

NuvaPine A Composition.jpg

Patented Extraction


To preserve and amplify the natural biological activity of Bioeffective® A, Russian scientists successfully developed a soft, patented extraction method. This complex, multi-stage process also significantly improved the yield of the “live elements” without destroying their delicate nature.


Product Safety


Bioeffective® A has been registered under the trade name of NuvaPine A™ in Malaysia and is approved as a dietary supplement by the Drug Control Authority under the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Bioeffective® A has also been approved for use in complementary medicines listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods under the name Conifer Green Needle Complex (CGNC), reference AUST L 146701.

The FDA is due to make a decision to register Bioeffective® A as a New Dietary Ingredient in the USA. Bioeffective® A is also underway in being registered as a biologically Active Nutritional Additive in Russia




No trees are cut to manufacture Bioeffective® A. All raw materials are drawn from unused waste generated by the forestry industry. An important aspect in the production of Bioeffective® A is the fact that it has the potential to enhance significantly the economics of the renewable forestry industry. The technology means that for some species of tree, the value derived from the foliage can match that derived from the timber. In addition, the production of Bioeffective® A does not produce any unusable waste materials. In fact, once Bioeffective® A have been extracted, the residue can be used as a mineral rich organic fertiliser.

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